Arms Hucbald ap Urp
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What are Arts and Sciences?
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13.5KB An investigation of what the Society for Creative Anachronism and An Tir think Arts and Sciences are leading to my own conclusion.
A Leonardo da Vinci Leaf Spring Catapult
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2,810KB Building a model of Leonardo da Vinci's leaf spring catapult 1/36th scale
On Being a Grant of Arms Recipient
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7KB What does it mean to hold a Grant of Arms? This is what it means to me. Much is written on being Peerage but very little if anything on the levels before.
A Crash Course in Medieval Aviation
*Removed for rewrite.*
190KB This is an introduction into some of the stories of Medieval flight. Some are credible and some less so. 1,635KB An experiment with a model aerial screw that Leonardo da Vinci most likely carried out. 1,651KB Casting pewter into a plaster mould for use as a wax seal. 1,874KB A portable sundial that can act as a compass. circa 1590