Arms Hucbald ap Urp
This is a description of what Hucbald has done in the SCA.
While I'm sure it's not complete it does cover some major and minor points.

His Lordship Hucbald ap Urp
Apprentice to Master Cathal Sean O'Connluin

His Lordship Hucbald ap Urp is one of the heads of the House Azoth. His persona originates in Wales around the turn of the millennium. Having trained in combat techniques, he later travelled to the Middle East under suspicious circumstances. Not much is known about Hucbald during this time although upon his return to his homeland some 15 years later, it is evident that he returns with much knowledge learned in his travels. His interests have become more focused on the sciences and philosophy while not neglecting the arts.

In A.S 43, Hucbald and Morgaine stood for the Baronial Succession of Seagirt. Although we did not become Baron and Baroness we were told the support was great and the decision was difficult. It is our intent to not let those that spoke on our behalf down. The new found stature will be used to bolster Seagirt and its choosen Baron and Baroness along with Tir Righ and An Tir and the people of these lands.

L'Etoile d'Argent (Tir Righ) Dec 12 AS 44 / 2009
A&S Champion (Seagirt) Aug 18 AS 42 / 2007 through Aug 23 AS 43 / 2008
Silent Hammer (Seagirt) Dec 9 AS 41 / 2006
Jambe de Lion May 22 AS 28 / 1993
Award of Arms Feb 18 AS 23 / 1989

Event Experience:
Ramsgaard two-day workshop (Ramsgaard-1994)
Daffodil (Shire of Seagirt-1989)

Note: My preference has always been to see to the successes of others. At any event I attend, I make myself available to help with the unspecified little jobs (and not so little) that an autocrat needs resolved.

Deputy Sciences, Tir Righ (July 2007-2008)
Deputy Master of Stables, Shire of Seagirt (pre 1988)
Deputy Chatelaine, Shire of Seagirt (pre 1988)
Deputy Constable, Shire of Seagirt (pre 1988)

King Barak & Queen Lao, 1993

Web Development and Hosting:
Tir Righ Coronet (2008)
Sergeants, Yeoman and Gallant's (Seagirt-2007)
Seagirt Summer Tourney (Seagirt-2005 & 2006)
Medieval Engineering Special Interest Group (2006?)
House Azoth (2004)

Published Articles:
What is an Art and what is a Science?
Tir Righ Sentinel 134, Feb 2008
A Leonardo da Vinci Leaf Spring Catapult
Tir Righ Sentinel 128, May 2007
Stuck in the Middle or, On being a Grant of Arms recipient
Tir Righ Sentinel 124, Jan 2007
Stefan's Florilegium, Dec 26, 2009
Proving Leonardo's Aerial Screw
Tir Righ Sentinel 121, Oct 2006
A Diptych Sundial
Tir Righ Sentinel 119, Aug 2006
Stefan's Florilegium, Aug 25, 2010
Pewter Casting for a Wax Seal
Tir Righ Sentinel 119, Aug 2006
Stefan's Florilegium, Jan 10, 2010
Easy Wooden Embroidery Stand
From the Skin Out, Spring AS 28 (1993)

Acknowledged Fields of Study:
Kinematic models to investigate medieval knowledge
SCA Combat (Heavy) ~1986 - ~1998
Junior Marshal (Heavy) ~1992 - ~1995
Instructed basic filking
Teaching for Ithra, Introduction to Medieval Engineering (2007)
Initial formation of a special interest group within An Tir for Medieval Engineering
Displays at Daffodil 30 (2007) for Sciences