Arms Hucbald ap Urp
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Old projects with pictures
Its a story best not retold. The lady is a friend and took it in stride but deserved something special. A couple of the pictures are blurry but still get the idea accross. The tassles I also made by hand.picture

Leather book covers were meant to allow people to read sci-fi novels at events while fitting in with the appearance of a leather bound tome.picture

A quick leather cloak clasp. the pin is made from a link of hardware chain. Hard to see but there is a design on it.picture

Cloth boots. The pattern was for a leather moccasin but actually worked rather well with leather and suede for the sole.picture

A collapsible embroidery stand. This was made from banister rail and had the range to allow sitting on the ground or on a stool. Somewhere around here is the article to go with it.picture

Garment leather pouch. this worked well enough but I have a better one now (needs an article). The garment leather was water proof so if it filled it didn't leak.picture

Lady's belt with simple Celtic knotwork . The buckle is mounted sideways to gain more of a peak or point to the front.picture

When I fought I wore close to the armor standard. My legs were full leather with metal knees. The legs had light tooling in them to add some 'look' to them.picture

Teaching leatherwork produced this project for one person. Although not my work it is the result of my teaching leatherwork. Somewhere around here is the article to go with them.picture

For my SCA wedding it was asked by the branch paton to have some assurance I would show up. This was the caligraphry I sent along with my personal dagger. Simple but effective and it all added to the game.picture