Arms Hucbald ap Urp
Originally when I started to put this site together it was meant as a way to deliver articles.
In time it will grow but I have also dedicated myself to Medieval Engineering in An Tir.
About Hucbald
Hucbald ap Urp
Order of the Jambe de Lion (An Tir)
Award of Arms (An Tir)
Order of L'Etoile d'Argent( Tir Righ)
Silent Hammer (Seagirt)

In Court I am addressed His Lordship Hucbald ap Urp.
When not in Court I will answer to Hucbald.

Hucbald ap Urp, once known as Hucbald ap Neddig and name passed as Hucbald of Ramsgaard has a Welsh origin in the 11th century. For reasons never recorded Hucbald left Wales for France in a bit of a rush. He was gone for several years before returning. During this absence Hucbald traveled through Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. While in the Middle East he found many wonderous inventions and sciences being practiced. Having being injured as a mercenary he begans studies in Engineering. Later, Hucbald worked his way back to Wales and his home to bring back what he had learned.

This story parallels my SCA involvement as I moved from Seagirt to Lionsgate and then finally settled in Ramsgaard for about sixteen years. Ramsgaard is a very hot region in the summer so Middle Eastern garb is a wise choice. This is also where I modernly returned to school for a technical training in computers. Later I found work in Seagirt and have now returned to where I began. I bring with me an interest and desire for learning, teaching and promoting the sciences in An Tir. This is where the An Tir interest in Medieval Engineering has begun to spread.

This all began about A.S. 20.